Environmental Testing

Natural ecoysystems perform fundamental life-support services upon which human civilization depends. However nature does not provide these services for free. They may not cost the world’s population in dollars but everyday decisions almost always have some effect on the quality of the ecosystem services we depend on. While as a nation we do not pay directly for them, we pay significantly for their loss in terms of wastewater treatment, greenhouse gas emissions, increased illnesses, reduced soil fertility, and losses in those natural resources that contribute to our basic happiness.

BHI’s environmental testing lab depends on versatile instruments that can manage a wide range of applications every day by providing high-quality, accurate data regarding nutrient losses, toxic contamination, poor soil productivity, water quality, food safety monitoring and more.

Whether you’re an environmental consultant, agricultural professional, food processor, gardener, homeowner or an individual concerned with the quality of water, air, soil or waste and its impact on health and the environment, we’ve got you covered!