Geology/Mining/ Rare Earth

Elemental analysis of minerals is one of the most important routine working methods in the Earth sciences. Information on the elemental composition of minerals gives access to a variety of genetic parameters of minerals fundamental to the understanding of geological processes.

Besides these scientific applications, elemental analysis of minerals is of real economic importance, since many minerals are used in the industry where elemental testing for quality assurance is required.

Rare earth elements are integral to modern society and essential to national growth and security. They have unique properties, unlike any other elements and can be found in most modern technologies, such as computers, batteries, fuel additives, imaging technologies, communication systems, and displays, to name a few.

BHI Laboratories offer analytical expertise to support mining and rare earth exploration companies in all states of the mining process from development to environmental monitoring and restoration. Our laboratory equipment can perform testing to local and internationally accepted standards crucial to projects with the great sensitivity to soil and mineral behaviour–such as high-rise buildings, bridges, dams, power plants, mines, levees, offshore platforms, tunnels and more.

If you need to outsource laboratory services for your mining and mineral analysis needs consider BHI Labs as your solution.