Quality Control/ Quality Assurance

Testing and monitoring is one of the most critical elements of an effective Quality Control Program, and is a required program component in most industries. Without testing, it is difficult or impossible to understand what is working and what needs enhancement. Similarly, robust monitoring programs serve as an early warning system that allows compliance professionals to identify–sooner rather than later–potential compliance issues.

BHI Labs was established to help clients by providing them with solutions through our analytical services. Testing raw materials can include evaluation and screening of unprocessed materials, semi-processed materials and finished products for quality specifications, impurities and more, including higher-end analytical testing and characterization if required.

At the start of the production process, many industries use raw material testing. It is important, for example, that manufacturers know the exact qualities of the metals they are using as a component material for their products. Companies send test samples to BHI Laboratories for our metals analysis capabilities; we can help positively identify metallic specimens, determine their compositions, and check for compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Our raw materials tested include chemicals, petroleum, refined fuel, LNG and other hydrocarbons, mineral ore, composites, biofuels, and much more. Commodity raw materials sampling, testing and laboratory inspection services for incoming bulk materials and products are available. They ensure that all raw materials meet the company’s requirements and prevent unqualified raw materials from being put into production or use.